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This methodology will create a self sustaining martketing engine for your business. Imagine that.. Green Marketing!

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attract-inbound methodology

Attract the Right Visitors

The inbound methodology starts with attracting specific visitors. The idea behind this is connecting your brand with your prospect at the right time, when it’s convenient to them. We’ve seen telemarketing rise and fall, direct mail get thrown in the trash – these days, timing and delivery is everything. Following this methodology, we put your brand in front of prospects when they are actually looking for what you have to offer.

Some of the most important components to attract the right user:

Convert Visitors to Leads

Converting visitors takes time and requires a lot of work, but it’s the most rewarding step in the whole process. This is where all your hard work shows results. This is when you know your content strategy is clicking with your target audience. Converting visitors takes place when visitors submit their contact information – putting them in your marketing and sales funnel.

Some of the most important components to convert the right user:

convert-inbound methodology

attract-inbound methodology

Close those Leads into Customers

The Close stage is most important. This means revenue for you! Closing is converting those qualified leads into customers. The length of time it takes to close a lead is dependent on the industry, but with Hubspot we provide detailed information on the leads website habits and interactions – giving you extra ammo to use in your close. On Average, it takes about 7 to 13 touches to close a lead. With the use of workflows and automation we can shorten interaction time between you and the potential customer.

Some of the most important components to close your leads:

  • CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • Workflows & Automation
  • Lead Nuturing Campaigns


As you know, inbound marketing and inbound selling is all about providing remarkable content to your leads and customers. Just because someone has signed a contract with you, or purchased your products, doesn’t mean you can forget about them. That’s actually the worst thing you can do! Inbound companies continue to engage with, delight, upsell and grow their current customer base into happy promoters of the organizations and products they love.

  • Surveys
  • Smart CTAs
  • Social Monitoring
  • Trigger Marketing

convert-inbound methodology