The new, more efficient way to handle web design. GDD relies on a continuous cycle of testing and improving that will result in your website becoming a lead generating machine. Your website is very important to your business; it could also be the most effective selling tool, working for you 24/7. After taking your launchpad website live, we follow the 4 step process is outlined below making sure your selling tool is running efficiently.

Step 1: Plan – We identify the needs and pain points of your buyer personas and create action items. We do this by analyzing data, creating surveys, taking notes on client interactions and looking at patterns on your website.

Step 2: Develop – We strategically implement the action items identified in the previous step. This is where we build the marketing assets that will help turn your visitors into leads.

Step 3: Learn – After closely analyzing the data, we evaluate your website’s performance after the previously executed changes. We look at usefulness, access to information, conversion path and personalization.

Step 4: Transfer – Rinse and repeat. Now we review and recreate a strategy based on our findings from steps 1-3. Continuing with this cycle will ensure that website will become a conversion machine.

Traditionally, website redesign projects would follow a standard path. This would consist of a web design agency scoping out the project and delivering the site within 3-6 months (ok, that’s an ideal timeline). This website would be the backbone of marketing efforts for a few years until you started the whole process over.

Growth Driven Design (GDD) has disrupted traditional website design projects. The idea behind GDD is to monitor your website and optimize the layout based on what is working and what is not. These constant improvements help increase conversions and better connect your audience to your brand. This process ensures that you achieve maximum result from your marketing efforts by building the updating the site around data collected from your campaigns.