Your sales team works hard to earn new business for your company. But, they can often face challenges that take valuable time away from selling. These challenges can include outdated sales tools, misaligned sales and marketing goals, and untracked sales team performance.

With this highly effective strategy, you will see an increase in the productivity and effectiveness of your sales team, by equipping them to have more valuable conversations with qualified leads.

In action, Sales Enablement involves creating high-quality content, resources, and training for your sales team. It gives your sales team access to virtually anything they could possibly need to convert a lead into a place to make a purchasing decision. It also includes adding the right tools, processes, support, and integration with marketing.

Webbege sets your business up for success with sales enablement

Optimized Sales Content

A sales representative shouldn’t have to spend valuable time customizing documents or searching to find the proper documents- give them the tools they need

Technology and Automation

Ensure no lead is lost- marketing and sales will work as one to bring in leads and provide the background information needed for sales to close

Reporting and Analysis

Focus your team’s efforts with thorough reporting and analysis of all sales happenings. Generate new and effective methods to reach your goals

CRM Configuration

Your leads and clients constantly interact with your website. Your business can manage that valuable user data in a central location using Customer Relationship Management. We set up your company’s CRM to help you improve customer relationships, customer retention, and drive sales growth.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Getting sales and marketing departments on the same page with their end goals is critical to your company’s success. This shared vision creates a productive environment where qualified leads are smoothly handed off from marketing to sales teams. We organize and align your sales and marketing teams through Service Level Agreements and other mutual contracts.

Sales Analysis & Reporting

It’s important to track what is working and not working for your sales team. With sales analysis and reporting, we help your company identify your sales team’s performance and areas for improvement. We follow the data to help your sales reps close more deals.

Automated Email Management

Imagine having to sit down and manually send each and every email to follow up with your leads and clients. Talk about tedious! Instead, we create email workflows that automatically send emails based on your user’s actions. This behavioral approach helps your emails be personalized to your leads, increasing their odds of conversion.

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