Practice Sense, Inc.


San Diego, CA

What We Did

Web Design  //  Custom App Development  //  HIPAA Compliant Data Storage  //  Inbound Marketing

Originally, we began working with Practice Sense to develop a proof of concept for their online medical-form application. We approached the project knowing that we were looking for the app to be easy to use across all ages and ADA compliant.

In addition, we worked closely with the internal team to create a cloud-based HIPAA compliant storage system that is housed in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. Upon completion of the storage system, we moved to app design.

After conducting multiple focus groups with healthcare professionals, we were able to pin-point current challenges involved with the standard patient intake process. We were able to find a solution for the inconvenience of filling forms in medical waiting rooms, eliminating the need for clipboards!

In early 2015, we successfully launched a minimum viable product (MVP) with Practice Sense and have been working together since.

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